Where I’m From Poem 10.1.2010

     This is a poem based on George Ella Lyon’s poem called “Where I’m from”.  It has a lot about my family… and of course me.

Where I’m from

     I am from baseballs, from baseball gloves and baseball bats that are like prizes won at the State Fair.  I am from the white and black house.  Big, crowded, and quiet.  I am from the maple trees, the spirea plants that are changing color with their beautiful leaves.

     I’m from choosing and decorating our Christmas tree and a special dinner on Christmas, from Frank and Georgette.  I’m from the candy my grandpa gives me and the rides he gives me to and from school, from “get your rest”, and ” eat healthy foods”.  I’m from going to school to become educated.

    I’m from Harold and Laura, lutefisk and lefse.  From the bike accident that fractured my sister’s face, the concussion of my cousin.

     This is a poem about my family and I, with ideas that fell from the family tree. 

     One metaphor is with ideas that fell from the family treeIt means that the ideas came from my family.  It contributes to the overall poem because it gives it a strong ending and gives the reader a picture in their mind.  One simile in the poem is I am from baseballs, from baseball gloves to baseball bats that are like prizes at the State Fair.  It means that those things are important to me and that I really like them.  It contributes to the overall poem because I love playing baseball and those items are important to me.


2 thoughts on “Where I’m From Poem 10.1.2010

  1. Hey John!! I really like the 3rd stanza!! I really like it because tragedies are very like real. What i mean by that is that you really get thy picture in your head when you read it.
    ~Abigail Wilfahrt
    Hour 6

  2. John I really like your poem it is very good on staying on the subject each paragraph. I really like how the transitions from one thing to the next slowly not like “I am from baseballs and baseball gloves. I am from the rose bush in the backyard”. It goes nice and slow good post.

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