Human Rights 11/2/2010

Human Rights are rules that should happen to all people. In my Language Arts class, we are learning about Human Rights. We each chose one right , and mine was “My personal space and possessions are respected”. It means that “everyone has the right to own things and nobody has the right to take them away from you without a good reason,” and “You also have the right to ask to be protected if someone tries to harm your good name, enter your house, open your letters, or bother your family members without a good reason,” from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I do not think that it comes true. People have stolen 4 of my pencils, 3 of my erasers, and one of my books that I was in the middle of. some people get in my face about small things too.

Metaphors 10.15.10

Metaphors are a common use of speech.  A metaphor is when two unlike things are compared straightly. Metaphorss are commonly used in stories, but are also used in everyday life.  So, instead of saying “You smell bad”, you would say ” You are a cow” to know that you actually smell bad.  Metaphors are used to show how much a writer really means something, instead of the same old, same old.

While reading Travel Team by Mike Lupica, I came across a strange simile.  In this story, Danny plays on a basketball team, and leads them to the National Championship.  In one of the games, he goes up against someone with long arms, and thinks “His arms are as long as trees!” on page 262.  Mike Lupica means that the boy’s arms are very long when he tried to block Danny’s shot.  It was kind of weird, because Danny, coincidentally has the shortest arms in the league.  I chose it because it tells more about the boy guarding Danny.

Travel Team 10/6/2010

I am currently reading Travel Team.  The book is about a boy named Danny Walker who doesn’t make the travel basketball team.  The main reason that he doesn’t make it is because he is only 4-foot 6.  He is a very good basket ball player though.  He then asks his dad to make a new team with not as good players on it.

Later, on a snowy, icy day, Danny’s dad gets in a car crash and can’t coach.  Then, Danny coaches the team and they win!!  Everyone loves Danny coaching, and they have fun too.  What Danny is really trying to do is have fun, be a good coach, and to also be a good player.

Where I’m From Poem 10.1.2010

     This is a poem based on George Ella Lyon’s poem called “Where I’m from”.  It has a lot about my family… and of course me.

Where I’m from

     I am from baseballs, from baseball gloves and baseball bats that are like prizes won at the State Fair.  I am from the white and black house.  Big, crowded, and quiet.  I am from the maple trees, the spirea plants that are changing color with their beautiful leaves.

     I’m from choosing and decorating our Christmas tree and a special dinner on Christmas, from Frank and Georgette.  I’m from the candy my grandpa gives me and the rides he gives me to and from school, from “get your rest”, and ” eat healthy foods”.  I’m from going to school to become educated.

    I’m from Harold and Laura, lutefisk and lefse.  From the bike accident that fractured my sister’s face, the concussion of my cousin.

     This is a poem about my family and I, with ideas that fell from the family tree. 

     One metaphor is with ideas that fell from the family treeIt means that the ideas came from my family.  It contributes to the overall poem because it gives it a strong ending and gives the reader a picture in their mind.  One simile in the poem is I am from baseballs, from baseball gloves to baseball bats that are like prizes at the State Fair.  It means that those things are important to me and that I really like them.  It contributes to the overall poem because I love playing baseball and those items are important to me.


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